Mazda North American Operations Executives

Rob Milne

Rob Milne is vice president of aftersales & technical service, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO). In this role, Milne oversees parts operations, technical services, re-manufacturing, the Takata Action Team, along with the aftersales team.

Since joining MNAO in 2006, Milne has served in a variety of marketing, sales and retail operation roles at the regional and national level. Milne assisted MNAO with the launch of an Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) tool that significantly improved the way MNAO dealers order their new Mazda inventory. He also assisted in the launch of MNAO’s completely redesigned and record setting Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. Milne was also heavily involved in the development and launch of MNAO’s Takata Action Team.

Prior to joining MNAO, Milne spent more than 10 years at Ford Motor Company in the Lincoln Mercury division working within marketing, sales and retail operations.

Milne graduated from the University of Iowa in Iowa City with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He currently resides in Southern California.