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A crossover SUV must be steadfast, reliable and comfortable enough to drive to work or across the country, no matter what Mother Nature has in store. So, of course, Mazda’s engineers created the midsize CX-9 to be a master of all four seasons.

Confident drivers are safer drivers, so Mazda CX-9 comes equipped with a predictive AWD system called i-ACTIV, which is designed to inspire confidence, whether driving in snow or on dry pavement. The predictive AWD system monitors 27 different driving variables, including everything from traction control to what angle your steering wheel is turned out and even how much the driver is using the windshield wipers, more than 200 times per second, and continuously adjusts the AWD to match driving conditions. All-wheel drive CX-9s adjust power from the front to the rear wheels, preventing slips before the driver would ever feel slip, so the driver won’t find himself or herself in situations where he or she is overreacting to wheel slippage.


Springtime driving conditions can be extremely variable. Heavy rains, late snow and sunshine can all be forecasted in a single day. Drivers need to know that no matter the climate conditions, they’ll be able to confidently pilot their vehicle to their next destination.

To help keep occupants safe under low visibility conditions, CX-9 offers Mazda’s unique i-ACTIVSENSE suite of safety innovations. For example, Smart City Brake Support uses infrared radar to cut engine power and prime the braking system if a potential collision is detected and will apply the brakes for you if necessary. Similarly,

Mazda’s Distance Recognition Support System and Forward Obstruction Warning systems use a milliwave radar to display the distance between CX-9 and the vehicle ahead of it, and the system will reduce speed to maintain a safe distance. Each feature adds an additional layer of peace of mind to the driver, giving everyone in the vehicle a greater sense of security.

Summers are full of road trips, which means drivers will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the powerful and fuel-efficient drivetrain in the CX-9. Drivers won’t have to worry about passing vehicles on the highway or climbing a steady grade. With an ample 310 lb-ft of torque delivered almost instantaneously from its turbocharged 2.5-liter SKYACTIV-G engine, CX-9 can keep climbing any mountain road less traveled while towing a trailer, jet skis or whatever an active family may have in mind for a summer excursion.

CX-9 Mazda SUV

As it gets darker earlier in the fall, drivers will appreciate the standard LED headlights and tail lights on the CX-9. Nearly 35-percent brighter than a standard halogen unit and can throw light 10-percent farther than a comparable xenon HID headlight, shining brighter, clearer and more efficiently through. In higher-trim CX-9s, the headlights can adjust with each turn in the steering wheel, providing an even greater sense of wellbeing in the dark of night. But, if you care about style as much as substance, the halo rings in the CX-9’s headlights proudly light the way, looking great all the while.

The technological advancements made on the Mazda CX-9 were designed to enhance every driving experience, every day of the year. There’s no single season for great driving; it’s something Mazda delivers every day.

CX-9 Turbo 7 passenger CUV