2004 Mazda3

The all-new MAZDA3 combines the best qualities of its predecessors – GLC, 323, and, most recently, Protegé – and takes the compact class car to an entirely new level of refinement and quality. MAZDA3 introduces a fresh, confident vision to a segment that has left the customers of other brands wanting more. With the MAZDA3, Mazda provides to all those who seek a memorable driving experience a car that redefines style, build-quality and performance in a segment that has traditionally been focused on functionality and sales volume. The new MAZDA3 introduces unmistakable Mazda styling and functional intelligence to the compact segment. As with all new-generation Mazda vehicles, its exterior design is dynamic and strong with a presence that visually communicates the exciting, fun-to-drive character that is the essence of a Mazda. Its roomy interior is designed to evoke excitement and delight with high levels of interior functionality and comfort.